Welcome to the La Montagne Open 2013's website !

The city of La Montagne will held his 3rd speedcubing competition after the BLIND Open in 2011 and the La Montagne Open in 2012. La Montagne is a small city near Nantes (approximately 15 minutes from downtown by car) which is reachable by bus with line 99 or E8. More informations regarding how to come on the page "Travelling".

This year, the competition has been chosen to handle the final step of the French Cup 20131. Regarding this, there will be at least 2 rounds/attempts for all events represented in the Cup (3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 2x2, blind, one-handed, fewest moves, pyraminx) and two distinct prizes ceremonies will occur: the competition's one and the French Cup's one.

For further informations, you can ask us whatever you need to know on the francocube's thread or by mail.

It's an official WCA competition opened to all competitors from all countries.
Please, make sure you are familiar with the WCA regulations. Results of the conpetition will be added to the official WCA World Rankings.

1 : more information here [in French] or here (quick unofficial ugly translation)

23rd Sept. 2013


Site launched.